Snow Days

Updated 1-20-2022 6:00 am

All Schools are OPEN

 Bus Passes will NOT be required until further notice.....

Students MUST  wear a face mask properly on the bus at all times 
and use the hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the bus.....

 Any questions, please email Christy Blach
 in the transportation department
 Snowline Information Number

(530) 541-2850 (Option 3)  or

 (530) 541-4636 (Option 3)


Closing of Schools:

There will be times during the year when, under existing conditions, City, County and State Road Departments cannot clear the roads in time to start school. In addition, when power failures occur, school cannot be held because all our heating systems require electricity.

During storms, our maintenance crews are normally plowing school areas by 4:00 am. In addition, Transportation travels the roads throughout the District between 4:00 am and 5:00 am. A decision will usually be made by 6:00 am as to whether or not buses will be able to safely travel bus routes.

Notification of Parents:

Snow day information will be updated on the LTUSD web site by 6:00am.
Radio station KRLT is also notified, and will make announcements throughout the am program.  If it is a SNOW DAY... we will use the Aeries Notification System to contact everyone.  

  • KRLT - 93.9 FM

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