LTUSD'S Mission and Values

Welcome to South Lake Tahoe Unified School District where we believe that unity will be the product of this collective vision:


Mission Statement

The Lake Tahoe Unified School District, working collaboratively with parents and the community, will provide a quality learning environment in which all students develop competence in basic skill areas and are prepared to be responsible, contributing citizens.

High Expectations

High standards of achievement for all students and staff are expected. Expectations will be clearly defined and tools for their attainment will be provided. Opportunities and a structure for students and staff to set high goals and evaluate their attainment will be established.


Our community values and supports literacy and believes it is the foundation for all learning. We expect every child, by the end of second grade, to be able to read fluently and comprehend what has been read. A program of reading intervention will be provided for those students who need additional time to achieve this goal.


Technology will be integrated effectively in all curricular areas and be driven by educational needs. Students will be provided with opportunities to acquire technology skills that are needed to empower them as lifelong learners, and to prepare them for higher education or the work force. To support this goal, the district will create, finance, and implement a structure that provides ongoing technical support, and staff training for current and future technologies.


The District will develop and implement a plan that embraces the diversity within our schools and community. All students will be provided with equal educational opportunities that allow them to reach their highest levels of achievement, and instill an appreciation of different cultural values.

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