Lake Tahoe Unified School District, established in 1952, serves approximately 3900 students with one comprehensive, accredited high school, one middle school, four elementary schools, and one continuation high school. The District is located in South Lake Tahoe, California, a geographically isolated resort community situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains, next to the Nevada state line, at 6,300 feet elevation.  The small population of 22,000 year-round residents grows to well over 100,000 during two distinct tourist seasons during the winter and summer. South Lake Tahoe is world renowned for its ski resorts, beaches, mountain peaks, and the Stateline area where casino gaming and night life can be found. Our business economy is based mainly on tourism – ski, recreation, casino/hotel industries – and due to the nature of seasonal labor, transience rates are high, and family incomes are relatively low.

The student population is comprised of 48% White, 42% Hispanic, and 3% Filipino; 24% English Learners, 58% Free & Reduced, 12% Special Education, and 6% Homeless (of the total population). The students, staff, and families of Lake Tahoe Unified School District take great pride in our small town and our relationships, working together to support our low-income families, always striving for equity among students, and providing opportunities for families to feel a sense of connectedness with their schools.  

Foundational education programs for all students include 1:1 Chromebooks in grades 3-12; Counseling and Guidance for grades 6-12; Two-Way Bilingual Immersion in grades K-12; Online Learning and Independent Learning grades K-12; Science Labs at every school; Nurses at every school; Transitional Kindergarten; Reading Intervention and ELD Programs districtwide; Themed elementary schools; Robust CTE program; Music and Arts at every school site; Dual Enrollment classes with Lake Tahoe Community College; Advanced Placement classes; competitive Athletics programs under NIAA, and much, much more!

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