What is getting in the way of student sucess?

State of the District/LCAP and Community Conversation Feedback

(Numbers next to list items indicate multiple similar responses.)


o   Late buses - child gets to school sometimes an hour late - 3 

o   Attendance - having all stakeholders understand that it is important

o   Snow days need new plan - 4

o   Natural disasters - 4

o   Rough winter

o   Lengthy holiday breaks

o   Students and staff - 2

o   Hours out of school are not being made up – sick days, snow days, athletics - 4 

o   Attendance - 7 

o   Early out/late in STHS

o   Bus messages and sports okay        

o   Too many independent studies

o   Not having school

o   Ripple effect from school closures and delayed starts

o   Too much interruption

o   Transportation - 2

o   Weather - 4 

o   Sick days       

 Basic Needs

  • Not enough food at STMS
  • Nutrition - not healthy food
  • Meal applications need to be completed by parents


o   Decisions being made without or little input from those most affected

o   Folks not having a say in what is happening

o   Lack of transparency at all levels

o   No clear path to success

o   Community perception

o   Unity (School/ communication)         

o   Lack of consistent vision from the top to the bottom

o   Misinformation

 English Learner (EL)

o   Language barrier issues - 4

o   Not enough speaking Spanish advocacy 

o   Lack of academic language for EL students to be successful

o   Lack of ELOs - standard learning opportunities

o   How to address ESP in gen ed classes

 Environmental and Situational Factors

o   Poverty

  • Rebound from COVID
  • Unforeseen distractions
  • Screen time
  • Social media
  • iPhone
  • Changes in student culture -  hard for organization to keep pace
  • Student engagement with peers - 2
  • Distractions - 3
  • Family
  • Relationships and personal communications
  • Attitudes
  • Family dynamics
  • Motivation - 2


o   Facilities - 2

o   Modernize facilities 

o   Lack of space


o   Homelessness

Learning improvement

o   Hands-on learning - recognize different learning styles 

o   Staff support 2 (lack of) 

o   Interventions: speech, math and reading - 2

o   Teacher collaboration time

o   Focus on too many things - not a deep dive

o   Teachers unable to focus on enrichment/CORE only

o   Relevant curriculum - life skills

o   More Collaborative Learning

o   K-12 - rigorous curriculum alignment

o   More rigor

o   Student staff connection

o   SEL needs to be visited frequently

o   Active outdoor time needs to be a priority 

o   Students lacking confidence and commitment

o   Need to understand the why and Trust the system

o   Getting resources

o   Learning

o   Acknowledging need for social emotional development concerns

o   Burning differences

o   Amount of aides in specific classes 3


  • No full-time principal MTHS
  • No clear list of resources
  • Lack of English Learner resources in math at STHS

 Mental Health   

o   Mental Health - 5

o   Trauma - 3

o   Limited understanding of mental health and impact on learning

o   Social emotional needs

o   More counselors

o   Consequences expectations - drugs bathroom 

o   What are you doing to encourage behavior and consequences?

o   Drugs/ bullying/ social media 

o   Relationship support

o   Drugs at Middle School/Bullying 

o   Bullying - 4

o   Need for kindness and empathy

o   Stress/anxiety

o   Not having ABA therapy available


o   Communication of A-G AG requirements

o   Students not getting the classes they need because they didn't know what they needed

o   Library

o   Better student relationships with teachers and secondary 

o   Reinstate ELL programs classes at High School

o   Bathroom issues at STHS – vaping, smoking, bullying - 2

o   Communication of AP/dual enrollment opportunities at STHS

 Special Needs

o   Disabilities

o   Equity access

o   Increase special needs resources

o   More inclusion of special needs students in typical classes with aides

 Technology and Navigating Technology

o   Technology and navigating technology

o   Over Reliance on screen time

o   For ADHD

o   Phones 

o   State recognition of virtual learning no

o   Distance learning

o   Remote learning/alternative lifestyle/hybrid

o   How do we seek hybrid Solutions -  Tahoe is unique


o   Cultural competency

o   Parent-teacher involvement

o   Teachers are rude to students

o   We need to recognize and celebrate the successes and achievements that we have      more of this

o   Student needs to work

o   Alignment across schools

o   Gaps in student performance based on equity across sites, representation of staff, accountability with teachers, lack of support for different needs

o   Tracking

o   College track - 38% are qualified to go to a four-year college

o   Not raising bar in general - 2

o   Some class sizes are too large to allow teachers to build relationships

o   Staffing

o   Parents - 2

o   Funding 

o   The teacher’s union seems to not be open/receptive to work with Administration

o   District Office needs to change

o   The conversation about what we have learned about what the kids and our district need

o   Support and access for extracurricular activities

o   Staff retention will be able to keep great staff

o   More extracurricular 

o   Create opportunity for wider engagement

o   We need to compete with the world 

o   Partnering with too few afterschool activity childcare providers

o   Police Department legal will not arrest students who break the law (drug/alcohol)

o   Teachers Union

o   All kids should have access to TK not just half the kids

o   Specialization in Middle School especially ST and M

o   The district/admin desire to assure students pass classes and who don't support

o   Teachers who try to get kids to do the work - it is the teacher's fault when there are F's

o   Behavior and interaction between teachers and students
Involving Parents more would help

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