Process for Addressing Concerns


It is important to us to create and maintain open, inclusive, two-way communication with families. To facilitate this desire and to ensure we can address your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible, we have outlined the following steps for addressing concerns regarding school district matters. We encourage families to reach out to the person closest to the concern - teacher, coach, principal, counselor, etc. -because they have the greatest ability to work with you to change or adequately inform you on your concern. We look forward to working together


Contact the Teacher/Staff Member: We believe most concerns can be resolved quickly and easily at the school level. Keep in mind that teachers and staff are doing their best to provide services for many students; therefore, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Please allow staff 24-48 hours to respond Monday through Friday during school business hours.


Contact the School Principal: If you believe your concern is unresolved at the teacher level, contact the school principal. The principal should be able to assist with the situation and find resolution to the issue or concern.


Contact the Associate Superintendent of Education: If you feel your concern is unresolved after talking with your school, please contact the Associate Superintendent for Education. The Associate Superintendent works with families and schools to resolve concerns and ensure that families and schools are successfully partnering for student success.


Contact the Superintendent's Office: If you feel your concern is unresolved after talking with the Associate Superintendent, please contact the Superintendent's Office. The Superintendent works with the leadership of the District to resolve concerns, implement district policies and procedures, and ensure that the school system is successfully partnering for student success.


The Board of Education: If in your conversations with the Superintendent, you are directed to the Board of Education to address a policy issue, you can submit a request to the Board President that the Board consider an item for its upcoming agenda.


Matters of discrimination or harassment should be brought to the Superintendent's Office and do not need to follow the steps outlined in this document. The Superintendent will bring the concern to the attention of the Title IX Coordinator for the District so that the situation can be properly investigated. The Title IX Coordinator takes complaints of discrimination and/or harassment directly from staff, parents/guardians, and students. 

To resolve complaints which may require a more formal process, the Board has a uniform system of complaint processes.  The district's Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) can be found outlined in BP 1312.3. A UCP form can be found on our website.


If you need additional support or would like to ask questions about this process, please contact the Public Information Officer, Teresa Schow at [email protected] 

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