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 LTUSD - State of the District/LCAP and Community Conversation Feedback
(Numbers next to list items indicate multiple similar responses.)


  • Publicly award schools for High attendance
  • Accountability for attendance
  • Focus on attendance - 2
  • Effort and engagement
  • Coming prepared to be students
  • Develop opportunities for students to develop a sense of belonging at school
  • Fewer holiday breaks

Distance learning opportunities - 5 (snow days, sick students, athletics)

  • Flexibility - student athletes 
  • Better coordination with city/county services for snow removal to keep kids in school
  • Independent study for snow days

Basic Needs

  • Encourage parents to fill our free and reduced-price meal applications
  • Separate eating time from play time
  • Better nutrition at elementary school/STMS
  • Longer recess lunch

Behavioral Health

  • Basic training for teachers in mental health
  • More counselor class presentations - 4
  • Increase intervention
  • Continue to grow - focus on social emotional learning
  • Support for socialization
  • Classes on emotional intelligence in school

     Bond - Measure K

  • To build trust and communication get Measure K passed


  • Coordinate PTA calendars for all district meetings so parents can make them all
  • Coordinated District calendar
  • Consideration of alternative scheduling year-round maybe


  • Better with parents and families
  • Communication
  • Improve communication with parents - 2
  • Communication across sites - sports, coaches, activities
  • More transparency 
  • Focus on a few subjects that parents are interested in
  • Use WhatsApp to reach diverse community
  • Listen to parents and consider
  • Focus on math ElA scores
  • Monthly tabletop with measurable outcomes
  • System of consistent communication/SMORES

 Community Partnerships

  • More communication with partners
  • More community events
  • More community involvement
  • Grow partnerships and community programs
  • More community cross-agency cooperation to support students in schools


  • Nutrition through all grades
  • Embrace Outdoor Learning at all ages
  • More enrichment
  • Rigorous and relevant curriculum for all students and expectations - 2 
  • Communicate curriculum
  • Expand internships and career pathways
  • Way more outdoor time
  • Longer free play
  • Careful textbook adoption - know our kids and our goals
  • Less screen time during learning
  • Kindness week instruction 
  • Offer more trade school options
  • Strong intentions for equity
  • DEI - more work on this - training for teachers/staff 
  • Group work in class
  • More aids to help teachers - 2


  • Getting students to be more involved in decision such as - cafeteria and gardens
  • Facilitate class discussions
  • At least one supportive adult on campus
  • Monthly check-ins with each student with trusted school adult
  • Motivation/ engagement of students for class participation
  • Engage parents 

English Learners (EL) 

  • We need to close the gap between EL students and regular students
  • Revisit El status
  • More access to supports for English language learners - 3
  • Print material bi-lingual and offer bilingual speakers at District meetings
  • Increase Hispanic parent attendance and involvements
  • Newcomer supports + EL advocates
  • More bilingual teachers
  • Different programs for children who are newcomers from other countries

 Goals and Purpose   

  • Lack of clarity and purpose and goals
  • Constant change and different goals
  • Make the path to success clearer
  • Engage youth and consequence plan 
  • Use logic and data - 2
  • Make data informed decisions
  • Stick to the plan


  • Upgrade - 2
  • Consistent working facilities and equipment
  • Main bus stop plan
  • Pass measure K - 4
  • Upgrade facilities to be aligned with City commitment to sustainability
  • Wellness centers need confidential office space

 Parental Support

  • Parent education - 2
  • Provide before after school care options
  • Parent camp before starting kindergarten
  • More kindergarten parent education opportunity
  • Lack of support at home
  • Parents regularly review work and grades

Site Safety

  • Legal system that upholds the Education Code to not allow drugs or alcohol on campus - arrest to scare
  • More staff for security during breaks
  • Better security on campuses
  • Supervise areas like bathrooms and fields for those students that smoke or fight


  • Better Sports Administration
  • 2 years of language requirement
  • Add American Sign Language requirements
  • Encourage taking 320 units
  • Give guided options for classes
  • Regain love of learning - 2
  • Get rid of rank
  • Get rid of early out
  • Have real consequence
  • Control bathroom vaping -2
  • Control skipping class
  • Few elective choices more options
  • Finding those “gray area” kids and helping them improve
  • CTE and 11th and 12th only
  • More A-G less CTE
  • A-G especially electives in 9 and 10
  • Set the bar higher in behavior
  • Students should respect teachers
  • More security
  • Follow-up with freshman on principles/values taught in challenge day

 Special Needs

  • More aids for special needs classes
  • Educate general staff regarding developmental disabilities 
  • Continue to embrace adaptabilities
  • More help for students with special needs
  • ABA therapy for special education students

Student Achievement

  • Continue to develop LCAP plan to be more effective in raising student achievement 
  • Solve the problem that 60% of the US high school graduates can barely read
  • Keep raising the bar
  • Clarify learning for students to better self-assessment
  • Work hard to engage students in learning
  • Support and expect all students to achieve at high levels
  • Base grades on learning and less about other factors
  • More kids of color in AP and dual pre-AP classes
  • Develop opportunities to recognize student achievement

Student Behavior

  • Behavior expectations and follow-through
  • More counseling services
  • Develop culture of civility 
  • Empower our children to be future leaders of kindness
  • Develop program to build more friendship more connection more belonging with students
  • Programming to create better behaved students
  • Empathy 
  • No phones

 Tahoe Valley

  • Builds community and that's great 


  • Teacher and leader of succession plans to maintain momentum and consistency
  • Hire more diversity support for extra classrooms
  • Large disparity between teacher skills and efforts
  • Some converse lack consistency workload and rigor
  • Better pay/incentives - not just at admin level
  • More I.A’s to assist teachers
  • Housing - tiny houses are insulting
  • More Instructional Aides with specialized training
  • Work with City to create teacher housing - 4
  • More information when teachers are absent and have substitutes


  • Administration that truly hears and listens to what is being said
  • Smaller class sizes - 5
  • Expand SEL programs
  • Encourage parents to fill our free and reduced-price meal applications
  • We are not only ensuring the future of our community but of the US
  • Give Instructional Aides professional development
  • Take Chromebooks home K through 5
  • Remain focused on substance as opposed to just ticking boxes 
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Meet site-specific needs 
  • More inclusiveness - 2
  • Positive language
  • Knowledge and understanding of student academics
  • Collaboration
  • Ripple effect lack of continuity
  • Differentialized work in elementary schools - reading groups
  • Removed YouTube access
  • More SEL programs - 2
  • Be willing to test and be innovative, flexible and agile
  • Bring in state resources for example - grant writers
  • Fewer buzz words in present
  • Verbal educational outreach efforts
  • Golden Rule - treat others the way you want to be treated respect
  • Motivation - time month lesson lecture science math physics art
  • Drop off earlier or easier drop off 
  • This is the future that's all going in that area there the difference 
  • Clear messaging regarding bus routes/better plan - 2
  • Jumpstart for incoming 6th and 9th graders
  • Grade level collaboration (i.e. writing expectations)
  • Digital days
  • Provide a more streamlined process for intervention
  • Counselor time/math/ELA support
  • Find things or activities that expend students energy
  • We need to keep our children busy

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