Future Community Conversation Topics

Acknowledge new/modern early childhood development discoveries and implement

 Adaptability to changing environment

 Arts - 5

  • Strengthen opportunities
  • Outdoor painting lessons
  • Supplies
  • Attendance - 3
  • Change mindset around attendance
  • How to increase attendance on snow days etc.

     Band/orchestra bring back to the elementary schools

     Civility, Kindness, Respectful culture at LTUSD

     Collaboration with parents to meet school/student needs to help create more of united, thriving confident youth (our future) - 2


  • Improve it

     Community engagement - 3

  • Family day/ nights
  • “We are the District” - Community Pride

     Computer/access to internet/distractions

     Create a parent profile like the STHS graduate profile

     Equitable rigorous education opportunities

     English Learners and what new support they need - 8

  • Resources, Programs, ELPAC
  • What more can be done

     Equity, Inclusion and Diversity - 6

  • Implement - not just talk

     Free choice/longer breaks for children - 2

  • More opportunities for it

     How is accountability working? Check/Act

     How to go above state results

     Hybrid teaching modes to accommodate education when students are - 2

  • Sick, snow days, athletic competition etc.

     Is there opportunity for parent tutoring to address the low reading and math scores?

     Latino/socio-economic performance gaps - 2

  • Address it

     LCAP and surveys

  • Explain importance to families

     Meeting kids where they are at in order to meet their needs so they can learn - 5

  • Input from children on what they need in the classroom
  • Foster student engagement
  • Student connections increase self-confidence

     Mental Health and Wellness - 3

  • How to use wellness centers
  • Awareness and more resources

     Mt. Tallac not included in the intro to the meeting - part of LTUSD?

     Nutrition improvement for elementary and STMS - 2

  • Farm to fork in schools
  • Garden spaces for students and families

     Nutrition Ed. throughout TK-12th grade - UCCE can offer students - 2

     Required weekly check-ins for educators with students - this   will give students the opportunity to build relationships with their teachers and give students the chance to be known in hopes that the teacher has a better understanding of how to best support the student and in what areas. These meetings could be a positive talk about behaviors or academics.


  • Lectures by PHDs additional math and science

     School building replacement - sell it to the community - 2

  • Improve buildings with or without the bond

      S.E.L.- 3   

  • Training for staff and LTUSD employees

     Share data on what we have learned to improve where we are as a District

     Site specific needs - 3

     Social Services

     Solutions that don’t get in the way of student success

     Special Education - 2

  • ADA- Accessibility
  • Give every child an IEP
  • Support

     STHS - graduation rates struggling

     STMS - improve the learning environment

     Staff - 5

  • Recruitment
  • Mental health support - better insurance
  • Increase professional development
  • Increase pay for staff
  • More aides
  • Connections bring morale

 Supporting the needs of a diverse student body from the English language

Time change working with student and start times        

 Training for new parents to schools on important issues  pertaining to students - 2

 Transparency within the District

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