Chromebook Help

Lake Tahoe Unified School District offers a Chromebook to every student who attends.  These devices can connect to the Internet through the District's Internet service or your home Internet and is used to deliver high quality Educational content to our students.  These devices include filtered Internet access regardless of which network the student connects too.  If you need assistance in obtaining Internet access, please contact your local Internet provider for low cost options or your school for alternate options, should you not be able to afford Internet at your home.  We also offer low cost Insurance for these devices.  Please see our Chromebook Forms page for more details, conditions and limitations.

Chromebooks are distributed through your child's school library.  At the beginning of the school year, we will request each parent fill out the required forms.  Once those forms are completed, your child will be provided a Chromebook through the library in a process similar to textbook distribution or will have access to a Chromebook in a cart in your child's classroom.  Student's are expected to treat these devices as they do their textbooks and need to take care of the device.  If the device is damaged, the school may charge a fee for repairs unless the device is covered under the available warranty (see documents for the current rates for repairs).  Every attempt is made to have the student keep the same device during their tenure at each school.


Prior to bringing your Chromebook in for repairs, try this quick fix method first (and be sure to use the back button to return to this website).
The following steps should be followed if you have a problem with your Chromebooks during regular school operations:
  1. Contact your child's teacher and notify them of the issue (the teacher(s) needs to know if your student is unable to use their Chromebook for any reason)
  2. Your student can drop off their Chromebook at the school (please call ahead) and request a spare if there are hardware issues or damage to the Chromebook (your student may be asked to return and trade back their original Chromebook at a later date)

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