FMP & Bond 2024

Lake Tahoe Unified School District (LTUSD) strives to provide a quality education for over 3,500 local students in preschool through high school at eight local schools. Since its founding more than seven decades ago, LTUSD has worked to ensure students graduate prepared for success in college or in-demand careers.

Aging Classrooms and School Facilities

Most local classrooms, science labs and school facilities were built over 50 years ago. The last significant upgrades to local schools occurred nearly 20 years ago and many urgent and important repairs and updates have been identified through a comprehensive facilities assessment and planning process.

Updates to Classrooms, Labs and Learning Technology

Classrooms and science labs that were built for a different era of education now require updates and upgrades to meet today’s education and safety standards. This will help ensure local students graduate with the strong foundation in science, math engineering, and technology needed for today’s careers.

Local Funding to Repair and Upgrade Our Schools

Because the State does not provide dedicated funding for school facility improvements, LTUSD must rely on local funding to upgrade classrooms and other facilities. To complete needed repairs and improvements, the LTUSD Board of Education is considering placing a school facilities improvement bond measure on the November 2024 ballot that would provide locally controlled funding to:

  • Update classrooms, science labs, art and music centers, school libraries, and career-training facilities and equipment 
  • Repair deteriorating roofs, plumbing, gas lines, sewers and electrical systems
  • Replace aging portable classrooms with modern, permanent classrooms
  • Improve fire safety, water quality, and school security
  • Replace outdated heating and cooling systems and remove hazardous materials like asbestos and lead

Mandatory Fiscal Accountability and Local Control

By law, a school facilities improvement bond measure would require accountability protections, including:

  • All funds would be controlled locally to improve local schools only and could not be taken away by the State
  • An independent citizens' oversight committee and mandatory annual audits would ensure all funds are spent as voters intended 
  • A project list outlining the specific use of funds would be required
  • No funds could be used for administrators’ salaries

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As we prepare for the future of our local schools, we would like to hear your thoughts and priorities. If you have questions or feedback you would like to share, please reach out to Angela Ramirez at [email protected].




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