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Elevated is LTUSD’s online school. The school was born in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic but wow, has online education changed since then! If you are thinking back to the days of PJ’s all day and isolation, that is certainly no longer the case when it comes to remote learning. Our students are engaged in dynamic, live, online classes every day with a rigorous curriculum taught by teachers that have an average of 15 years experience in our local Lake Tahoe schools.  Elevated also hosts in-person weekly events such as field trips, labs and other experiential learning activities. There has long been a request for a fully online school to meet the needs of students who wish to focus on competitive athletics, need more flexibility and family time to travel or who would simply like an alternative option to a traditional “brick and mortar” school.  

Some of our 8th graders shared in English class today that they think the biggest positives of Elevated are: the teachers are kind and much more accessible to get one on one help when needed;  they enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere; and the independence to get work done at their own pace.  

Top 10 Reasons to Enroll at Elevated Academy

  • Online K-12 school with in-person dynamic experiential learning opportunities.
  • Classes are taught by caring, supportive, experienced, local credentialed teachers.
  • Fun field trips, projects, and real life learning experiences.
  • Focus is on Experiential Learning. Our students learn by doing.
  • Small class sizes and one on one support.
  • Rigorous curriculum. WASC accredited (college prep) coursework. 
  • English Learner, IEP, and 504 support offered.
  • Flexible or structured class schedule options available
  • Students are NOT online all day. Students participate in live classes with direct instruction and then work independently. Tutoring sessions are offered throughout the day.
  • Great option for families that want to homeschool and/or travel but want a credentialed teacher to direct instruction.

“Elevated is like a private school education at the public school cost.” -Leslie Edmonds

Check out our website and the Elevated video which really brings our school to life.

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