Lake Tahoe Unified School District placed a Bond Measure on the 2022 General Election ballot for urgent and essential facility upgrades at our schools. Unfortunately, by a very small margin, the bond did not pass, however, the District plans to bring another bond measure to the 2024 election. 

Everyone knows the importance and value of having quality schools. Quality schools improve student achievement, increase property values, prepare children for a productive future, and create greater neighborhood safety. Our teachers and staff do a great job educating local children, but classrooms and buildings in the Lake Tahoe Unified School District need to be upgraded to provide all students safe and modern learning environments needed to succeed.

With the needs assessment and related priorities identified in the Facilities Master Plan, which was completed and approved during the 2021-22 school year, it is clear that a local school improvement measure focus of the District would be to complete the #1 Priority of Health & Safety improvements district wide as well as the #2 Priority, improving classroom environments.  By investing in our schools, we can meet today’s safety, technological, and educational standards as well as better our community.

If passed, Measure K will fund critical facility improvements at South Lake Tahoe schools, including:

  • Safety improvements to ensure safe school sites
  • Repairing/replacing leaky roofs
  • Updating inadequate electrical systems
  • Replacing outdated heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Making health, safety and handicapped accessibility improvements
  • Replacing deteriorating plumbing systems
  • Improving and modernizing learning environments to support today’s student

Measure K makes financial sense and protects taxpayers.

  • By law, spending must be reviewed and annually audited by an independent citizens' oversight committee.
  • All bond funds must be spent locally and cannot be taken by the State.
  • Funds are required to be spent only on our schools, not for administrator or teacher salaries.

Measure K upgrades school facilities to create safe and healthy learning environments.  It renovates classroom restrooms and other school facilities, improves the education of local students, and maintains the quality of our community. 

The District has been responsible stewards, routinely maintaining and fully utilizing classrooms and facilities.
  The time has come to reinvest in our community’s greatest assets – local children and the schools they attend. Measure K is a carefully considered program that will improve South Lake Tahoe schools.

* Please see the Facilities Master Plan for facility improvement priorities at each of the school sites.

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