Facilities Master Plan

Lake Tahoe Unified School District is excited to present the revised 2024 Facility Master Plan to our staff, students and community.  We have been working diligently with Studio W Architects to identify the needs of all of our schools when it comes to upgrades and repairs. In an effort to be fully engaged with our school staff, we conducted site visits at each school and presented the staff an opportunity to give their feedback on their assessment of the schools in which they serve our students. We then sought community input on the plan by hosting a Community Open House where attendees shared their priorities, for repairs and upgrades, based on the results of site visits. These priorities will be incorporated into the revised plan.

The Overall District Wide priorities were identified as:

  • Complete all Code, Health, Safety & Security improvements

  • Ensure all students have access to Modern Learning & Support Environments to compete in a Global Economy

  • Develop high quality Athletic, Playground & Outdoor Learning facilities

  • Replace non permanent facilities with Permanent school facilities

Followed by: 


  • Meet district wide Sustainability goals for all campuses by 2045

  • Develop Equity amongst the campuses in terms of facilities & programs offered

  • Improve Curb Appeal at all campuses

  • Ensure all facilities meet Long Lasting maintenance and operational criteria

  • Qualify for state matching Funds and other grant funding sources

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the 2024 Facilities Master Plan. Your support of our schools will contribute to the overall well being of students and the community in which we live.  

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