State of the District/LCAP


The first annual State of the District - Community Conversation was held on March 15, 2023 in the South Tahoe High School Student Union. 0ver 145 community members, parents, staff, students and education partners attended. During the evening, Superintendent Dr. Cutler and staff presented the State of the District, then Dr. Cutler led interactive tabletop conversations which were followed by a panel discussion.

The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is the plan on how LTUSD will improve as a school district. Input from the State of the Disrict and Community Conversations will be considered when making updates to the plan.

Below are the links to the presentation for the State of the District/LCAP

LTUSD State of the District LCAP 2023 Presentation

LTUSD State of the District LCAP 2023 Presentation Spanish 

Below are the links to the responses from the tabletop conversations. Please select the green box in the upper left for translations of these documents.

What are we doing well?

What do you recommend for the future?

What is getting in the way of student success?

Future Community Conversation Topics


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